Friday, December 16, 2011

Green and White Striped Sweater

Yes it is time for some baby boy outfit. This sweater in green and white stripes is good combination for the little ones. This jacket is worked from bottom to top with seams just for shoulders. Rest everything is worked as just one piece. This one is made with out sleeves.  Adding sleeves to this is just very easy. But I felt it looked better without sleeves. Will make another one with sleeves next time.
I made this as a gift for friends baby. I also made a knitted beanie in green and white stripes to go with this. But just missed to take the pictures of it. :(

If you would like to make this sweater I have added the pattern to my online store @


  1. Awwww... I would like to crochete something like that for my baby boy, too.
    Can you tell me how you have made it?

  2. Hi pattern is easy to work with as it is seamless. If you would like to buy please go to my etsy shop link to the pattern here:

  3. Thanks :) Bought it on Etsy.
    And I have to say, that I really like your patterns!

  4. Thanks a lot :). Hope Your received the pattern. Do contact me if you find any difficulty working with it..

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