Monday, February 20, 2012

Party : Winnie The Pooh themed Birthday

Time just fly. The last one year was the most memorable year in my life. I was enjoying every moment with my darling daughter.

Winnie the Pooh was her favorite toy most of the time. She calls it by "mimi". So thought will go ahead with Pooh theme for the party. We celebrated her birthday from our home with few families to join us in celebrate her birthday. It was her first birthday and I did not want her to loose any fun in it by bringing a lot of crowd.

I did have so many different designs in mind for her birthday dress. I made 3 special occasion dresses for her, 2 in pink and 1 in white. One dress was crocheted using Crocodile stitch and the other two was stitched. Finally decided to go with the white one as the party was in the late evening and white would be perfect at that time.

The goody bags for kids who came to celebrate the party was also made by me using pooh themed fabric that I got from Hobby Lobby. Also I made few headbands as gifts for all cute little girls who joined the party to add to their goody bag.
I bought the wall decals from Amazon @Pooh Wall Decal
Also Pooh themed Growth Chart too from Amazon @ POoh Growth Chart Wall Decal

I was planning to buy this from some time to decorate  her room. IT look so good. I loved the Growth chart a lot. The other one is just ok.
The Birthday banner is from Hobby Lobby and I added Pooh Stickers on each letter to blend with the theme. The Bow is made by me using wired Ribbon From Hobby Lobby. I did make one more bow with unwired Ribbon. Wired Ribbon stay in shape the way you want while the other one just droop down if you don't hold it well and place it while decorating. 

Then I decorated Foam sheet I bought here with some wordings and added 2 photos of my little one on to it with glitter glue.. Most of the decorations I selected for her party was not just for a day but things that can stay as her room decoration for the coming year. 

This center piece was just arranged using most of the pooh themed toys already at home and I just put some chocolates into it and the helium balloons with Pooh and Piglet Figurine bought from party city @ Helium Balloon

Overall the birthday party was so much of fun for her with so many kids who came to celebrate her birthday.


  1. Excellant....U rock divya....amazed with ur creativity and effort....My birthday wishes & kisses to your mol...


  2. Very nice decoration.I think you enjoyed a lot.Thanks for sharing the pics.